Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern

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Light up any situation with 250 lumens of bright LED light, or use the dimmable, DuaLite™ Directional Lighting feature to extend runtime. Recharge from USB, external solar panel or the included hand crank.

The Lighthouse 250 includes a built-in USB port to power small handheld devices, such as your smart phone, to ensure you are up to date and in touch at all times. The Lighthouse 250 Lantern & USB Power Hub is the only lantern you will likely ever need.

The lantern conveniently features three brightness modes; low, high and turbo. The lantern can run for up to 48 hours on a single charge. The lantern can be charged from solar or USB, in around 7 hours or you can turn the crank for emergency light anywhere (1 min crank = 10 minutes light).

The lanterns built-in 16 watt battery and USB output allows you to charge your phone and other items, up to three time over on a single charge.